episode 5 – Muhammed Ali vs Ella the Drain Cat

Muhammed Ali vs Ella the Drain Cat

After a fairly hefty hiatus, ┬áJono and Jon return to remember the greatest boxing match they’ve ever been to, Jon’s (continuing) obsession with vinyl records and the passing of Jono’s longtime companion, Ella the Drain Cat…

Also, here is the Star Wars Bookshelf mentioned in the episode!




episode 4 – Jon vs Joburg

Jon vs Joburg

This week, fuelled on more whiskey than is perhaps appropriate, we debate the dangers of living in Joburg, talk about the crappest movie ever made (hint, we made it) and how Jono almost (actually did) tell an inappropriate story about an ex-girlfriend in front of a live studio audience.

episode 3 – Fart Chairs vs Donald Trump

Fart Chairs vs Donald Trump


This week on the BFF podcast, we somehow start any talking about pooing in other people’s toilets and find our way to pondering whether you’d listen to Hitler if he also had a podcast.

We won’t lie. It’s a weird one.

episode 2 – Paul Simon vs Paul Simon

Paul Simon vs Paul Simon

Can a man make a living from trading vinyls online? Can you trump the greatest concert of all time? Can Jon pull off a gold jumpsuit?! These are the burning questions we answer in this, the dramatic and outrageous second episode of the Best Fucking Friends podcast.

episode 1 – Beatles vs Stones

Where we drink from a special bottle, discuss the new Star Wars and decide on the best band of all time.